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Alpine Flow Control (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd with major focus in the water valve design and manufacturing. The Management staff have over 30 years experience in the water valve design and manufacturing, combined with the high-tech electronics manufacturing experience of multi-national listed companies. This unique combination of traditional and high-tech industry management experience and skills have given us an advantage over the traditional valve manufacturer. More than 40% of our staff are technical staff with knowledge and experience in valve and mechanical design/manufacturing...
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Company Name: Suzhou Alpine Flow Control Co., Ltd

Tel: 0086 512 6673 2428

FAKS: 0086 512 6673 2928

E-mail: [elektron pochta bilan himoyalangan]

Mobile: 0086 151 9567 4203

Address: B5 Chao Yang Factory, Caohu Industrial Park, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province P.R.C